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The Silver Girl

in Seek: Tales of Quests and Adventures (Edited by Elin Korund)

Embark on a series of seven journeys both big and small. Sneak into the living maze of a green witch’s garden in search of a magic apple. Journey across the Sahara to unlock the quantum secrets of an ancient civilization. Tumble down a rabbit hole on a rescue mission into the surreal.
But beware, for those who forsake familiar ground in pursuit of their desires beat a path into the depths of their soul where surprises always lurk.
Bend the page, take the first step, and may you find that which you seek.

Exerpt from The Silver Girl:

'Keres returned with a small red dragon perched on her forearm. Spar, a wren-dragon, often circled the skies above the village, his red scales sparkling in the sunlight. He belonged to Keres, as all dragons belonged to someone. Those nearer to the size of hounds and horses were said to be immeasurably expensive, and anything larger belonged to legend.'

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