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Developmental Editing

The developmental edit (sometimes called structural or substansive) is an in-depth look at your story’s overarching elements, focusing on the manuscript's strengths as much as its weaknesses. This step ensures your story’s framework is strong before you delve into sentence-level editing. 

Editorial report

The editorial report is where you’ll find the bulk of the feedback. Here I’ll delve into the strengths and weaknesses of your story, focusing on specifc aspects at a time, such as plot, character, use of setting, pace, prose and voice, among much more.  

Manuscript mark-up

Using track changes and comments, I leave edits, feedback and questions on your manuscript so you can see exactly where your writing is strong, and where it can be improved or clarified. Edits may include reordering, rewrite suggestions or cuts.

Chapter-by-chapter overview

The editorial report includes a summary of each chapter, including a focus on characters and major events. This overview allows you to see shape and pace of your story, and catch any plot holes and inconsistencies.


Every edit includes two rounds of follow-up questions via email.

The Specifics

Price: ADD HERE.

Word count: no minimum to 120,000 words.

Genre: fantasy, science fiction, horror.

Target audience: adult, YA, MG.

Language: English.

Add-ons: let me know if you need faster turnaround, extra follow-up emails, or your manuscript is longer than 120,000 words. These are all available for an extra fee.

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