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Book Rec: All Systems Red

Title: All Systems Red: The Murderbot Diaries #1 | Author: Martha Wells | Published: Tor, 2017

"It took a tremendous effort for me not to rip his arm off, and I'd like that noted for the record, please."

This book had been on my radar for ages, and (as is my tradition these days) I am kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. It is fantastic.

All Systems Red follows a security android with in-built arm guns and social anxiety, who just wants humans to leave it alone so it can binge the entertainment feed in peace.

This is such an enjoyable read, and at 28k you can fly through it. It's got shady corporations, action, wit and an extraordinarily relateable android for a main character. I also appreciated the diversity of the rest of the characters, a team of scientists with differing personalities, morals and expertise.

There are currently four novellas published in this series, a full length standalone novel, and another novella coming out this year. I am so excited to get to them all.

Nebula Award Winner (Best Novella) | ALA/YALSA Alex Award Winner | Locus Award Winner (Best Novella) | Hugo Award Winner (Best Novella) | Philip K. Dick Award Finalist.


Have you read Murderbot yet? What did you think?

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