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The End!

The end of 2020 is finally here. Time has been such a skewed mess this year, I honestly can't say if it came around fast, or it's been an age. And while the chaos of the current world is not tethered to the date on our calendars, the end of a year prompts us to reflect and reorganise, in hopes of a better year ahead.

In the spirit of looking ahead to better things, I'm starting this whole new adventure in rejecting my comfort zone and putting myself out there. It's not something I take to well, but here I am.


Who am I?

I'm Charlotte, an Australian fantasy writer with so many big plans, I really need to get this shit started. I love dark stories and rough characters, old typewriters and new cameras, swearing, nature, gaming and books. All the books. I have zero space in my house for new shelves, and here I am, still buying books.

What do I write?

Fantasy is my go to genre and style, most often in long form, although I have played with short stories and science fiction too. My stories are dark but fun, with diverse casts and lots of action.

What's the plan?

This will be a space for reviews (books, shows, movies, games -- anything in the storytelling medium). It'll also be for updates as I write and work toward self-publishing, aiming for the end of 2021.

Also, cat photos, and sometimes stars.

In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter, instagram or pinterest.

Happy reading and happy writing!

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