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What I Learned In January 2021

Part of my intent for this blog was to document my progress through writing and publishing so I could look back later and get a bit of that lovely perspective.

It's also for you. If anything in these paragraphs can benefit another writer or reader, or anyone for that matter, then I'm happy, and this blog is doing it's job.

So, what have I learned?


  • I should dnf books more often. When I’m not enjoying or engaged by a book, I still try to push through. I try to give it the benefit of the doubt. More often, I just stop reading althogether, and all of a sudden weeks have gone and I haven't read anything. Better to say I've had enough and move on. Because when I love a book, I fly through it. I carry it around with me, even when I move from room to room at home, just in case I get a couple of minutes to dive back in.

Writing and Editing

  • Outlining my edits makes a huge difference to my productivity. I’ve done this on and off for years, but over the last week, I’ve taken conscious notice of the effect. Attacking a document with red ink gives me a to do list of changes to make, something I can cross off as I go. When I don’t use an editing outline, my progress always falters.

  • Australian authors are not paid enough. I already knew this, but not the extent. ASA (Australian Society of Authors) recently published a study on earnings and royalties in the Australian publishing industry, and the findings were depressing, to say the least. (If you like, you can read more here.)

Social Media

  • Cat pictures are invaluable.


And that's my January wrap up!

What lessons did you pick up in January? Drop a comment below.

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